Arabella’s got a 70’s head but she’s a modern lover

it’s an exploration, she’s made of outer space

and her lips are like the galaxy’s edge

and her kiss the color of a constellation falling into place

Scribbles and Inks

And here’s an 18 y/o Engineering student with too many love poems yet no lover to give it to, so she decided to just share all of them;

pen trails
Pen Trails

And here’s a girl with enough wit and grit, and a slightly calloused heart – who only wish for you to start your day in all kinds of softness and spontaneity, and may you find what was lost and what was/is you;

Online Journal

And here’s a girl you find staring far too long at paintings that cages her lungs and insides, who can be loud like an uproar battle or be seated at the window side of the bus just gently humming to the sounds of the Beatles or the Smiths;


And here’s a girl who laid her heart upon railroads or mountain tracks – who is so in love with the sea she could make a bed out of it.


Who only wishes for you to always, always, let love through,

Yna Escoton


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