Manila Transitio 1945

Forgive me, as I probably would have written better entry than this.

kuya Christian, Me, kuya Alec, and Jobel with Carlos Celdran

This happened a few months back at the Baluarte De San Diego in Intramuros and I have shelved writing about it as I don’t have enough words to truly describe at how awe I was in.

So far in 2017, this is the best event I have been to.


The ambiance was everything. Everyone gathered up and placed their mats on the perfectly trimmed grass, food stalls were stood at the side, there were huge ass bubbles floating mindlessly in the air, and a lot of people brought their dogs over and I, for one, think it’s beautiful. (how can something be not beautiful when doggos are involved, right??)


As the nigh fell down – and as I was thoughtlessly nibbling on a delicious sandwich – all the lamps hanging from the trees gave off its lights and the program started.


ART RESONATED EVERYWHERE to the point wherein I had goosebumps all over my skin. It was overwhelming that I may or may not have shed a tear (you will never know). All the feelings you seem to keep inside is getting solidified into something ticking and flickering, like something is trying to divulge itself out from inside you.

My personal favorite from the night was Physical Poets and one performer stared at me right through my eyes and I have never felt more vulnerable and naked. Funny how art can do that, right?


Everyone was also asked to send off petals to commemorate the battle in Manila that happened 72 years ago. (primary cause of the event)

To cap it all off, everyone danced freely and swayed passionately under the perfect ambiance of the night to the wonderful sound of Tres Marias.

with Tres Marias (Lolita Carbon!!!, Cooky Chua, Bayang Barrios)

May the spectrum in your eyes be broader and amiable to see things way past than what it always seem.

Being vulnerable may have been the only punk we have left.


[Photos by Jobel Ibasco]



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