Hiking 2017: Darling, you made mountains out of me

On mountain highs and deep-seated sighs, in my lungs that have caged all these exhaust from loving you like a fool, too much. I have clawed and climbed, dived and leaped. I can hear all the pauses, I can hear myself breathing, and for the first time in a while – free.

IMG_0811 (2)IMG_0871 (3)

Last April 30, we had the pleasure to hike Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba on what seemed to be the perfect day. The sun paved way and the clouds gathered all around. Both mountains were too steep and you would encounter four assaults; but the view just basically drains all the exhaustion. It was the most scenic trail I had ever been to.

The hike also consisted of traversing to eight waterfalls that we immediately jumped into after eating our packed lunch.


through gritted teeth and shivering hands, calloused feet and purified eyes – I hope you may find that place and wake up finding out it’s someday. I hope you fill your void, as it takes a lot of violence to become this gentle. So be defiant and bold, life’s about unfurling the stories untold.

You are not lost.

You are constantly being found.



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