Hiking 2017: Mt. Pamitinan

If there is one thing in the world that I am most proud of, it would be my pack.

and here is Mt. Pamitinan in photos you’ve probably seen before.


You’ve probably heard of Mt. Pamitinan before as it is now one of the most hiked mountain in the Philippines and would almost immediately jump to the question, “What is so special about it?”

One of the reasons why we hiked Pamitinan was because it was really accessible for us (considering it’s only in Rodriquez, Rizal and we even just booked a grabcar for it) and that it’s the perfect place to surprise Ruskin for his birthday!


but I guess curiosity was also in everyone’s mind about why do people get so hyped about this mountain?


If there is one thing I could say, Mt. Pamitinan is actually a bitch.

The first 10 minutes was already so exhausting. Hiking this mountain requires a lot of leg strength as it was too steep! You’ll be climbing it up for the first 1 hour or so, and we had a few stops then and there as our heart were jackrabbiting from our chests.

We even considered just going back since Eugene was already too tired she even vomitted and we were all so worried.


After that you’ll finally be faced with the mountain’s assault of rocks that one wrong step could probably kill you. (Using of gloves is optional but it would be much better if you have one as the rocks were all piked) This part was hard but it wasn’t that exhausting like the first half of Pamitinan.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ate Analyn, our tour guide really helped us through. She’s even the one initiating for pictures and made sure we were safe every step of the way. It is also best to reserve a tour guide a day prior since Mt. Pamitinan is already in demand and that you wouldn’t have to wait when you come there.

Ate Analyn is a great recommendation due to our experience and you can contact her mobile, 0918 380 2748. She is really approachable!


We’ve been told a million times by both hikers and locals that we were very lucky since we got the summit to ourselves. We started the hike at around 2pm and were told to “lock the mountain” since we were the last hikers for the day! We also got free buko juice – that tastes delicious, mind you – since local shops in the mountain were also closing while we were going down.

Due to Mt. Pamitinan being popular, on some days (as we’ve been told), hikers would be too many that you wouldn’t even be able to take solo pictures on the peak and even tour guides won’t be enough to accommodate all of them.


We even saw this turtle, who, according to locals, when seen would bring good fortune! (Yes, please!)


Looking back at it now, I still have no idea how we did it. May it be because of the laughter that never died even with the exhaustion or the light that seems to be always in our eyes whenever we’re together.

So, to answer the question as to why Pamitinan is so special, it’s the people you bring along with that seems to bring the magic all around.

There’s no other that I love more than you guys.

You, and always will be, my constant thing.




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