Rest is you

but you see, I never had it easy. 

They would always barge in uninvitedly or knock like a madman on a wooden door. They would hold my hand asking me to run as if it is not enough to just walk with them. It was never just drizzles or plain coffees or stoplights. It was always hurricanes and Elvis going on and on how i can’t help falling in love with you. 

It was always tiring and a non stop ramble of everything’s going to be okay if you take my hand; but always ending up in a war far more greater than yourself.

It was never simple. It was always butterflies and cages. Octaves of stay and pentameters of please don’t go. It was always raging and drowning. Always in between suffocating and breathing.

I got used to mornings being rampant and loud, afternoons of tired eyes and roaring conversations, and evenings of chaotic smiles and fake laughs;

Until you came.

You brought the calm in my stormy coast.

You never dared try to hold my hand. You silently walked beside me. You were no fool (you never rushed).

There was no butterflies – You were the silent blue that washes over the red scalding fires. The eeriness of the sky changing hues. The silent car drive home and gentle hums of the radio – with my hand placed on top of yours.

Seeing you was the break from it all. I was never tired, never drowsy, never in a haze.

Seeing you was like praying – being at peace.

Seeing you was sitting and breathing and smiling.

Seeing you is being silent. No crowds, no car honks, no 90’s hip hop music.

Seeing you was like living in a secluded cabin in a forest – with the sound of the birds and the calling meadows.

Seeing you is like resting.

Being with you is rest.

You are my rest.


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