Hiking 2017: Mt. Tagapo

Here’s a vow or a promise or whatever that I’m not going to be lazy on filling up my travel posts. So I guess, here’s a start!

I have seven pending travel posts from 2016 that apparently won’t write itself. (bummer, right?) but here’s hopefully not another one to add up on my pile of drafts.

I always try to find the calm amidst all of these storms. A break or maybe a pause from this whirlwind called life. Nature was calling – fallen leaves demanding to be stepped on, trees singing sweet lullabies, and the sun asking to be brutally felt.

There’s always something I long about these kind of moments – my hair in a high pony and my skin covered in glistening sweats, my worn-out feet and jello legs, and my lungs caving in with every breath it’s trying to give out and then the first intake when I finally reach my goal. It was in those seconds where I truly feel like breathing. 

And it’s just for a moment but would always feel like a lifetime.


Mt. Tagapo was pretty mundane; but touch it up with interesting people, you’ll find out how normal things can turn out quite exceptional.


We had to take a boat from the Binangonan Port to Talim Island – the only island in Lagunda De Bay.


The only enemy you’ll have on the trail was the unstable rocks. It was quite easy at first until we reached the assault – marking that we were almost at the jump off to the summit. The steepness of it was really exhausting and requires high endurance.

You’ll also be faced by the beauty of this bamboo arch!

The jump off to the summit was this amazing clearing that makes you wanna run around (except the sun was scorching hot)


Reaching the summit was like breathing for the first time. These past few weeks/months felt like I was in an autopilot or that I don’t even have time to breathe. Like I was drowning and screaming and suffocating all at once. I badly needed a break and the mountains were calling, and so I responded.

At the summit there was this huge hole in the center of it dug by the locals and as I researched about this mountain – also called as Susong Dalaga – there was a legend that in the summit lies some buried treasures. (Digging is now prohibited in any area of Mt. Tagapo.)


This was me holding my shoes; because apparently, they were the only enemy I had on the trail. It was too slippery that I had to take them off especially because the trail to the summit was too steep that the first few steps I did I slipped and almost fell off.

Due to walking the trail barefoot, I almost had a sprain, my feet were beat, and I got a wound in my toes; but looking at everything around me when I was at the top of the mountain, it was all worth it. Every challenge is worth it.


One person once told me (a message on my 18th birthday) that it is okay to fail. It is more than okay to fail and feel bad about yourself. But when you succeed, no matter how small, always reward yourself after. You owe it to yourself; and it is never bad to feel good about something you’ve accomplished.

Always, always, let love through.



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