Excuse me, you’re leaking poetry all over the floor

There are two ways to lure me in: Pepero and Art.


Last February 16-19 the Art Fair Philippines 2017 was held at The Link Car Park in Ayala Center, Makati. It was my first time knowing about this event due to my friend telling me all about it since last year – it was a non stop ramble about how “you should never miss this year’s art fair!” “Art Fair Philippines 2016 was amazing! It was 3 floors of pure art!!” “I’m taking you to Art Fair 2017 ok!!”

Without any hesitation, of course I said yes and I promised I would go there no matter what happened; because you see, you can catch me missing many other things but never when it comes to art. As Prof. Keating would eloquently put it, “… Medicine, Law, Business, and Engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But Poetry, Romance, Love, these are what we stay alive for.”


Going to Art Fairs or Museums can be quite tricky since you want to appreciate and gawk at all the art standing in front of you all the while taking some pretty-cool-ig-worthy pics we, millenials, like to put it.

Some people would probably judge you for it and say things like, “she/he is probably only here to post photos for his/her instagram.” but I say, don’t mind them. Go take your photos, hell, take all the photos you can get. We all have different ways to appreciate art and if it’s something you like getting stored on your phone screens and cameras then do it.

Then balance yourself after; Go stand in front of a painting for far too long and embrace all the emotions you could muster, Go see the details that put you in awe, Try figuring out what the artist wants to convey, and what you conveyed.

because Art is not just about how the artists want you to see it but how you see it. It’s not about understanding, nor about being clean or nice. As one of my favorite teen fiction book would say, “Art is not supposed to look nice, it’s supposed to make you feel something.”


It’s the same way I do whenever someone ask me about my writings – “Who’d you wrote it for?”, “What were you thinking when you wrote that?”, “What inspired you?”, etc. I would always turn the question around and ask them about what they were thinking when they were reading it; because I did not wrote all of that just for you to know about my story. I simply put it out there – not even thinking someone would read it, but if you do – hoping that you’d make your imagery or visuals about it ergo making it your own story (It’s like I just helped you form it into words.)

Art Fair Philippines paved way on making the arts and culture accessible to enthusiasts like me and, hopefully, you. It’s never too late to go on museum hoppings or try making an amateur copy of the starry night in the palm of your hands.


with Gus Albor a.k.a the artist of those pieces behind us!

And remember that it’s not about what others see it,

But how you see it.


Passion fuels our soul. Vincent Van Gogh once said, “I would rather die of passion than to die of boredom.”

And to end this lengthy blogpost (I swear the photos were already curated!) always remember that,

Art fits anybody who tries it on.


Of Love & Of Art,


[Photos by: Jobel Ibasco]


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