Six Deaths

he looked at her
with so much delight
autumn leaves
falling from the sky
warm smell of the coffee
hazy eyes
shivers on the skin
but heart like an ice –
it was love in disguise.

she danced like rain
walked out like a storm
seeping sunshine
cracks on the floor

everything was murky
she tasted like brine
it was fascinating,
if thy eyes don’t lie

her hair, soft as dahlia petals
her heart, six chambers –
a bike with no pedal

silver linings
unpolished shoes
heavy accents,
minds perused
souls in rue

hollowed eyes
salted skins
confused skies
and the sevend deadly sins

he bled flowers
she drinks whisky
lava drips from her tired lips
bouqets turned into wildflowers
a sunshine with no hips

he was running
she was the forest
it was the galaxy in her cheek
it was the constellation in his kiss

forest fires
misty eyes
highway ballerinas
a muse and her pain

it was tiring all the while
it was time to sleep –
go say your lullaby

you have fought bravely
in folly
and unruly
there are six deaths“,
you whispered
you promised.



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