Bataan 2017: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

First of many.

And here’s to 2017 and seeking more adventures to feel more alive than existing. Here’s to more calls of the past and to get lulled by the sea, to roaring mountains and dancing like hippies, to more deep-seated conversations and rampageous days. Here’s to sitting still and watching the sky turn from lusty scalding fires to hushed silence in blues. Here’s to what once was, what ought to be, and what will be.


2016 was… eventful. As much as I wanted to hate it for all the heartwrenching things that happened to me, I couldn’t. I might as well look on the brighter side and consider the fact that 2016 was, and is actually, one of my best years. I have traveled to different places (I feel like I have gone all around Luzon!), screamed at the top of my lungs on concerts, met friends I haven’t talked to for years and made new ones,  tasted different flavors of ice cream (yes, this is a big thing for me), wrote poems i’ll never dare try to read infront of anyone, went to different museums, and I finally have reached legal age and got my very first tattoo!


Not much has changed though – same old me; but with a slightly different soul.

Las Casa Filipinas de Acuzar was amazing. As a fan of vintage things myself, I was truly in awe of its preservation of the filipino culture and the architecture is aces! Although there are things that needed to be called out on its services, as the first travel of my 2017, I still made the most of it.

Here are some photos.


The main highlight of Las Casas are the houses or the place itself. There’s not much to do but tour the whole place and take instagram-worthy pictures, bask away in the remnants of the past and balancing yourself from the screen of your phone/camera to holding in the moment.

May your soul be filled with the adventures you seek,

May your eyes be filled with so much wonder –

that no one could ever take your shine away from you.


and, always, always, let love through.



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