Excuse me, while I kiss the sky

Excuse me,

while I kiss the sky

As you smiled

when I bid you goodbye


So yes, this is it

no more pauses and break,

When all I do is give

and you did nothing but take


And I take back all the poems

I take back all my words

The sun has finally set

And the love that once was –

has already left


And yet you ask,

“How can you be so cruel?”

My love, I am not

I just loved you like a fool


Like a fool, I took you

And let you fill spaces

My skin, scarred and seasoned,

all left with your traces


As you were my moon

you’ve got different phases,

You hid your scars

in the shadows of places


So in this starless sky

in your hooded eyes

I have loved you so much;

but always not enough


And this heart –

you overbeat and break

Exhausted from running a mile

and still haven’t seen a face


For there was no smooth sailing

No paths unwinding,

I found a shelter from your coast

but you found a better shore


You are all sand

whilst I am all waves;

You sit still and watch

while I drew you swiftly,

and, back


And I drown in the sea

Like how I used to sink in between your arms;

My lungs that used to breathe you in,

is now, finally,

coming in clean


The stars took,

all the glimmer in my eyes;

The light I used to see you in

passed just as comets in the skies


And i’ve seen something more divine

more stellar than all the suns combined

i found myself whilst losing you

and my world revolved back to its hue


So, when I see you again

Just excuse me, and how have you been?

I have loved you so much than what is allowed

but I guess, I loved myself –

even more.


So, excuse me,

while I kiss the sky

these damped lips and awe stricken eyes –

the day you let me go,

was the day I learned to fly.



[Image shot by Victor Calinao]


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