The Ballad of You and Me

I did not mean to pry

I’m never the one who usually cries

But it seems like once again

You had to kiss me with goodbye


We sank under the silver night

As your hands roamed around

And sunk like the shadows of your lash

Beneath the hollow of your eyes


Your eyes they say everything

Like the moon in the luminous sky

You had loved me like no other

But it was time for us to part


Your heart, I have it all

But your mind always struggled

With the thoughts of her –

And now, I withdraw


And so your lies became my comfort

Your words became my fort –

You told me you’ll come back

Like a ship to its port


And like a fool I waited

Like the shore to its sea

The love you once stated,

Time was all it took to flee


My love, our timing

was not wrong

It was you –

who was cruel all along


And I wait for dawn to break

Until my heart no longer aches

All the love that have spilled,

Is all that I have loved alone.


And in the morning when you miss me,

When you drink your cup of coffee

I hope you be reminded

Of the ballad of you and me.




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