“You must know that I am a deeply unhappy person. That I have, a long time ago, let my demons overpower the flowers in my head. The smiles and the crinkles by my eyes have long been shadowed by one or two drops of water and the next thing I knew, it was flood. I have mastered the art of not having a care at anyone or anything at all and when you tell me “I have beautiful eyes” or how my smiles can brighten up your day, I’d probably just pretend I never heard you because I’m aces at that. You have to know how my mind was once colorful as a rainbow after the rain and now how it’s deeply colored with the chaos of trouble. Also how I find peace in death and how sometimes I crave it much more than life itself. You have to know because you can’t just come into my life and expect I could light up the whole damn sky.”


— Also, you have to know that I don’t know what love is

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