for him.

I guess this is it. I’ve ran out of things to write about my love for you.

We could never be sunsets; I have accepted that your love – in all its magic and forms, in everything you’ve tried to show – could never be reborn. There are no burning stars left for me to wish on as I have no more words (you’ve taken them all)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, it’s over like I saw it would (and wished it wouldn’t). I have loved you in all your states, I have sunken under your light, I have waited on you in the crowds, I have loved you like no other and even worse – I loved you even without the need of reciprocation.

You sleepwalked through my life and barged in uninvitedly. You clasped the hair behind my head and whispered sweet things in my ear. We sank under the silver night with my head on your chest and your arms holding me in place, with your eyes scanning the dark room and with mine admiring the shadows of your long eyelashes beneath the hollow of your eyes.

You danced with my demons and they too, crumbled with yours. Your fingertips ignited fire and there’s nothing of your touch I did not desire, you murmured love in between my bones and engraved your name like writings to a stone.

I have figured out that when lust is hungered, all it took was for you to say my name until I, completely, cave in. I have let you engulfed me and overflow; but there’s not much I could handle when I burn and you’re cold. I knew I had to kiss you goodbye at dusk and you had to leave me in the morning. I had to forget you throughout the day because the haze we once were in, will only pass like morn, to the night.

Maybe I had been void all along. I was careless and reckless, I’ve let myself free fall and didn’t thought this through – or maybe I just loved you like you do, with, her. And maybe, this could be the only thing that I could write about you, for we only have endings as we could never tell where we began.

I write poems to you, one that I’ll never dare try to read. They were all unfinished – like you and I. I remember everything as something so beautiful even if it was just you sitting beside me, where you always were; but was never mine. I pray for hope and perfect time that you may find what was lost and what was you. I pray your heart may be so filled one day with peace that you try so hard to find. I wish you win your never ending battles and soar like birds to the gushing winds, I wish you follow light and be successful in life. I pray you find love above it all, one in comparable to mine; for all the love I had given you was all the love I could set to give – and that I could finally kiss the dusk good morning for all of my pain will not be in vain.


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