Let me tell you a story of a boy and a girl

who had been together even if their timing was wrong


He lived blocks away from her

but no matter how much he wanted to touch

and to just see her face,

the odds were just far too great


Everynight in each other’s dreams,

they haunt the longings of their tender skins.

The kisses so passionately left

is the poison





“How much longer do we still have to wait?

Oh time, oh time give me some little faith”


Finally the time has come and there she is.

Standing in the corner like the sun peeking in.

He smiled.

She smiled.

And that’s all they needed to say.


Time passed by so quickly

That’s all it could give.

Oh such a folly,

now they’re buried in melancholy


So finally they decided to stop.

What else they could do?

Their love was great

but not enough

to bend time




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