Alphas: Baguio 2016

noun: wolf pack; plural noun: wolf packs; noun: wolfpack; plural noun: wolfpacks
A group of friends who consider themselves different from the norm but are bound to each other because of their unique qualities.

As someone who had just been to Baguio you would not quite expect me to come back there again in a span of weeks considering the 6 hour ride. But if you know me so well, you’d know I wouldn’t ever pass up the opportunity to travel with my pack.

After visiting yet again the infamous White House and took a walk at the Baguio Bambusetum and Ecopark, we then went to the Botanical Garden, took a stroll and noisily played a real life version of Temple Run (which was rather exhausting but fun nonetheless) until we reached the Japanese Tunnel. All these morning activities equated into full-on pigging out at the Retro Diner.

Our afternoon was spent roaming around the Diplomat Hotel, talking about ghost stories and we may or may not casually played hide and seek inside one of the most terrifying places in the Philippines. We ended up taking pictures using an improvised reflector -mind you – we found at the top of the hotel and sang Top of the World at the top of our lungs.

After our historical drive through Baguio we took a nap at our transient house after watching the presidential debate and proceeded to eating our dinner at the Gossip Cafe. In the morning, we grabbed a heavy load of breakfast at the 50’s Diner and bid Baguio farewell.

It was quick and exhausting and although I might have already been to these places, it still felt like reading my favorite book for the first time – exciting and still full of wonders.

Thank you for always being spontaneous.

Always the best travels with my pack,



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