Baguio 2016

This was my second time in Baguio and as much as I loved the first time – even if it was a quick stop – nothing can compare to enjoying Baguio as a proper tourist.

I was with my mother and brother this second time around and although I only followed and traveled alone (yey!) due to exams my one and a half stay is still, totally, worth it.

We stayed at the Pines View Hotel – which has a really awesome lobby that I had tons of pictures – and started off the morning meeting with my bestfriend and went off exploring the beauty of the summer capital of the Philippines.

Photo was taken at The Mansion in which I did not enjoy that much since that’s how far we could go/take pictures (which I totally respect)

Wright Park  was right infront of The Mansion so we took a stroll there too and met this fluffy St. Bernard, Sky, who was being cute and was trying to lick my face.

As a lover of creepy things myself we went on to the infamous White House and funny thing was that we were the first ones who got there that day so we got to explore the house by ourselves. The house gives off that eerie vibe but that was it, I don’t have a ghost story to tell.

After the White House and the Bamboo Museum we had our lunch at O’ Mai Khan – You should try it if you go to Baguio too!

As it was holy week we walked six flights of stairs to Lourdes Parish Grotto and said our prayers.

Highlight of our trip was probably The Old Diplomat Hotel which is also one of the places to visit when you’re in Baguio and in a need of a trip down the historical lane. The Old Diplomat Hotel is famous for being one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. It used to be a vacation house and then a seminary and later on was occupied by the refugees of the Japanese Army Force. Priests and Nuns were said to be beheaded there and Guerilla Children were also hanged and buried in the same place.

I’m still having goosebumps just by thinking about this place. There are many scary stories from tourists or folks that went there.

After our exhausting day we grabbed some coffee and snacks at the Cafe By The Ruins which is a personal mission of mine to go to and then went back to our hotel for a quick nap and then went to dinner at Volante’s who ruined all other Chicken Alfredo for me since I couldn’t think I have tasted anything better! We enjoyed the rest of the evening at the Night Market.

We spent the next day at the Mines View Park (nothing would ever beat the memories I had here on my first baguio trip) and then went horse back riding at the Wright Park. We were planning to go to the BenCab Museum but due to lack of time we weren’t able to. Hopefully, I’d be able to go there when I come back! (I will, of course.)

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I don’t go much up on the north since my family loves going to beaches on the south so i’m really rather fond of Baguio. Hopefully, I get to visit it again and go to all the places worthy of seeing. (which is a lot!)

Hoping for more travels this summer and this 2016! x


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