Snippets | 04

It has been two weeks since I last posted here. Those two weeks were the jump from school to summer (finally!)

For this week’s musing you’ll find out how I almost lost my mind thinking about school, school, i want to enjoy my summer, school.


I was feeling a bit on edge and somewhat rebellious at the last week of school. I was feeling so stressed out that I impulsively downloaded Twenty-One Pilot’s Blurryface. I love how the music speaks out the rage inside me and it soothed me physically.


Of course I had to read a lot of school readings and notes for our finals and such but after all of those I had this urge to reread one of my favorite fics, I Hunger For Your Beautiful Embrace by thecheshirepussycat (Ao3). This was brought by my sudden obsession with Roman, Greek, and Egyptian times since the story took place in Ancient Rome.


The final week was so stressful and I was so anxious about my grades because I had bummed a lot in school this semester. (Never again!) I seriously had trouble sleeping because of this.


I was so stressed out as I have established on this post. My health was still under the weather after having chicken pox so it all added up to the stress. Finals, requirements, grades, everything was killing me on the spot. We were even set to go to Baguio on March 21 but I had my Engineering Comprehensive Exam (ECE) on that day and my Solid Mensuration finals the next so the only option I had was to travel alone after my exams.


There’s always the calm after the storm and I found it in Baguio. After all of the stress I have been to (College is just really getting into me) i’m happy that I went to Baguio after. It was such a nice stress reliever and a good way to start my summer. I’m also ecstatic because I have recently found out that I passed the subjects I was so anxious about. Cheers to my official start of Summer!! and my Baguio post will probably be live soon. ❤

With Love For Love,


[Header Image: The painting was made by my bestfriend.]


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