Snippets | 02

Another week’s breakdown of thoughts, readings, stress, and music.


I am currently reading “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by the one and only Oscar Wilde. I have an irrevocable love for this book even though I’m not done reading it. I found this book through reading the infamous fanfic called “Young and Beautiful” by velvetoscar – which you can read/download here on Ao3 – the fanfic itself was so beautiful and amazing that I still don’t know why it’s not yet published as a novel. Going back to Dorian Gray, so far I love every words, every phrase, and Oscar Wilde’s eloquence is just amazing that I get so hungry for his words and he makes me insatiable every turn of the page. The book itself is educational and a huge eye-opener (in which many classic books are) and is truly one for the shelf. (of course it’s Oscar Wilde) So yes, I am recommending and suggesting this for you all to read because you’d probably love how it talks about beauty and how every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic. 😉


I have decided that instead I tell you what I’ve been listening to, I’m just going to make a list of the songs I love that you could totally listen to! A playlist of sort. x

  • Suck It and See – Arctic Monkeys
  • Every Little Thing – The Beatles
  • Loft Music – The Weeknd
  • Gorilla – Bruno Mars
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
  • Words As Weapons – Birdy
  • Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loves Me – The Smiths
  • AM – One Direction


This week wasn’t that much stressful at all! Huge thanks to the Engineering Week! 😀 Although I had a long exam on my Solid Mensuration class last Friday, that was about it. I only attended two classes which meant I only went to school for two days.


I guess we are all aware of what happened this week about Manny Pacquiao’s statement on the lgbt+ community. As a supporter of the lgbt+ community, yes I got angry and I unfriended all of my facebook friends who support Manny’s statement about homosexuals being filthier than animals.

Before I go on, I would like to remind you that I’m just a kid with a blog and that my opinion is irrelevant  (don’t worry, i’ll try not to step on yours) and I am a catholic and I fear God, I also am straight.

I respect Manny’s stand on same-sex marriage. He’s against it because that’s what his religion taught him. It all comes down to respect. So yes, Sir Manny, you have your stand on same-sex marriage and I have mine too.

What I didn’t like (and most of us) was the way he justified his statement, his stand. He compared homosexuals to be filthier than animals. That’s crossing the line. He also justified it by saying common sense – animals don’t practice homosexuality, so why would we? – Well, sir Manny, animals do practice homosexuality. (Yes, I know, homosexuality is the act.)  Which means, the justification of your statement is wrong.

To everyone who’s comparing Jose Rizal and Manny Pacquiao’s statement, I hope you know that our National Hero used it as a metaphor (if you read books, you’d probably know it) and he said it in GENERAL. While, our boxing champ, sounded he used it quite literally and to a SPECIFIC group of people. And that’s the difference between a National Hero and a Boxing Champion. 🙂 (so please, stop using this pathetic comparison)

Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda are both a member of the lgbt+ community and have shared their opinion toward Manny’s statement because of course, you have degraded them. As you have the right to freedom of speech they have it too. What I don’t understand is that this issue (your statement) turned out to be Vice Ganda vs. Manny Pacquiao or Boy Abunda vs. Manny Pacquiao, each side going on and on about each other’s wrong doings.

Everyone’s a hypocrite at this point. Talking about what’s moral and what’s not. And I, personally, am sick of it. You talk about Morality yet you degrade people (this goes out to both side) You talk about sin when all of us are a sinner. You talk about love when all you give out is war.

Election is coming and though I still can’t vote, I could still choose who I want as my leader. Manny Pacquiao’s statement have of course affected his campaign in many ways. But let’s not forget that our government should not be biased. If he thinks of a certain group of people – he would, if ever, lead – filthier than animals then I really don’t know what will happen if this man wins. Also, I’m not choosing him just because of his statement, I infact know he’s not competent enough.

I hope we get over this issue (forgive, not forget) and admit that everyone’s just making this huge. To Sir Manny Pacquiao, I accept your apology.


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