In the break of dawn

When the sun rises out of the horizon I get reminded of the sleepless mornings I get to spend with you. The hushed tones and how you whisper in my ear the secrets of the universe. The morning breaths that smells like alcohol and coffee mixed with pure bliss. The haziness of the morning breeze and the warm caress of your hands. You hold me like I’m something so fragile all the while burning me with your every touch.

So, my love, in the break of dawn, I always will remember how the sun rises in the east and how the ocean hugs his shore. How my hands perfectly intertwine with yours and how you make all my pain be in days of yore. I will always be reminded of how you grow wings in my heart and taught it how to soar.

I have let you took me and overflow. And in these quiet mornings of sunshine rays seeping through the cracks of clouds hung up above, I have never heard of a piercing scream in silence with nothing but of Love.

And in this break of dawn, I have loved you so much and, maybe, even more.


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