Zambales: Weekend Getaway 2016

I will always stand by the saying unplanned moments are the best because believe me, they truly are.

Unplanned moments are those that happens when your mom barges into your room at midnight asking you if you would like to come to Zambales because… well, because she feels like it. It’s waking up in the morning packing necessary things and having no time to choose between two swimsuits, it’s those moments that even though rushed it comes out to be one of the best moments of your life.

I’ve been to Zambales seven years ago, I was a mere 10 year old girl who couldn’t fully grasp how beautiful this place was. Going back here now, I seriously have to go back to my 10 year old self and ask how blind she was.

Pundaquit Island


Anawangin Island


Capones Island

This is undeniably my favorite island of them all. From its rocks to its blue-green sea, it’s amazing that on this Valentine’s day, i fell in love.

Camara Island

I cannot stress enough how stunning Zambales was. From its sands, rocks, and its sea. I’ve been to many beaches here in the Philippines and I have to say that Zambales is one of the amazing ones. I really loved it because there was not much expensive hotels all round, or the different resorts, and souvenir shops. It’s just it. It doesn’t offer you all those things to make it amazing, no jet skis or banana boats and such, it offers you what it could offer – the beach life, the sea, the solitude and longing for something. It gives you peace.

This weekend was also a celebration of my mom’s birthday. A happiest birthday to my mom! Thank you so much for everything. You taught me all things about life and love and brought me up to be this girl I am right now. You made me see things more than what they are and you made it possible for me to travel to different places. Thank you so much. I love you just as much as you love me, and maybe that’s what love is all about – Loving someone like how your mother loves you.  Which, a somehow universal fact, unconditional. Happy birthday and Happy valentine’s day to my forever valentine’s date!


3 thoughts on “Zambales: Weekend Getaway 2016

  1. Teardrops of happiness flows in your mom’s gypsy eyes as you mirrors that love in your poetic words and camera lens anak..this poems that you make will be forever cherish!


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