The Moon on A Silver Platter

I stood infront of you years ago

giving you all of the stars I handpicked

and a set of constellations burning so bright

like flames dancing under the night


I only asked for you to love me back

but you threw away all the glimmer in my eyes

tossed it like all of it was filth

“Oh my love I gave you all of the stars”

but you were too greedy for the moon in a sack


I ran away until there’s nothing left to pace

crashing down into a stranger with a pretty face.

The horizon was in a shade of gray

for all of the blue were in his eyes


He gave me the burning sun

for it was the largest star;

He was greater than the sum of his parts

He was my planets and I am his


Years after, you were standing infront of me

giving me a handful of stars

flickering like the ones you took in my eyes;

And I only have had six words to say,

“My love, you missed your chance.”




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