His Lightning Song

There’s this girl I met one hazy may and I did not hesitate to ask her name.


It was in that moment I knew everyone I will ever meet has got someone to compare to.

Her name gives justice to the way she smiles, the way she flutters her eyes, the way she rambles poetries that makes me forget the author of Midsummer Night’s Dream or the composer of Air on G-strings. She was my song.

I was so lost in the green of her eyes, the way it could turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and how she makes me say “I love you” easy, easy, like breathing.

She kissed me like how tornadoes would destroy everything within its wrath and how arsonists burn every remains in its path.

As she gave back the air in my lungs, she whispered in my ear “I am a Lightning Song.”

Damini – A Lightning Song

I still never knew why storms are named after people but I found myself my own Lightning Song – Stunning, heavenly aesthetic; yet eventually fleeting.


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