On the road to On The Road Again Tour

Not the actual concert itself but my journey to the best night of my life.

Four years.

Four years of waiting sitting on a chair infront of the computer lurking, stalking, and starring mindlessly at five boys who completely changed my life in a way I myself can’t even understand. It started queueing up for tickets which took up forever and buckets of sweats to buy. Months of constant build-up of excitement, Weeks of nagging about the setlist, and days of torturous updates that all seem like forever. Then March came, the month for Filipino directioners, the start of the countdown.

20 days till I see these 5 lads who I’ve been in love with since 2011. When spoons, mirrors, carrots, cats and nandos were apparently a codename… 19,18,17,16… When brilliam, extraordinharry, fabulouis, amazayn and phenominiall were apparently a word… 15,14,13…10,9,8… When mentioning those things would make you a carrot… 7… When having one fave will make you a directionater…

6 days till I see Zayn, how perfect and godlike he is and how he was sent from heaven and when he riffs like an angel…

5 days till I see Niall with team strings and hear his angelic voice…

4 days till I see Liam and hear his voice, his pitch and how beautiful it is that always gets me on the edge…

3 days till I see Harry and how pretty he his, not to mention his low raspy voice that gets everyone swooning and how charming he is…

2 days till I see Louis, my sunshine, how gorgeous and beautiful he is and the sound of his high pitch voice and how perfect it is when it goes higher up in an octave…

1 day till I see One Direction and how it completely made up my whole life.



Why the hell would I miss the chance to see them? If it takes 36 hours of waiting for me to see them then I would gladly take every piece of this opportunity.

And so I did.

It started with a trend and a rumor on a Wednesday, March 18 2015, on a late evening almost midnight that Harry will be landing the next day on the afternoon. I panicked so hard I even begged my brother to go to the airport at that same time. On a clever note, of course we didn’t…

…on that particular time. We did though when it was 3am of Thursday, March 19 2015, packed our bags and belongings that contain everything we need for 4 days.

We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 – where they supposedly would land – at around 8AM. We were so tired prior to only having 2 hours of sleep or lack thereof. We were shocked to find out that we were the first group of directioners there (consisting of me, my brother and my bestfriend) and met up with my best-est larry bestfriend (or almost my older sister really) Ate Pat, and my cousin (in which could already be considered as my sister) Ate Cha.

We waited…

And waited…

And waited…

Some group of directioners had already arrived. There were five groups there waiting for them and NAIA isn’t even fully packed (for the biggest boyband arriving there, the place really is calm)

Ate Pat really had the brightest idea of talking to the other groups and uniting each one of us to agree that when the boys come we’ll all be calm and fall in line so all will have a chance to have a selfie/chat with the boys. Just like what Japan did. And they did it successfully.

So we waited for hours and hours.

The staffs weren’t even really helpful. They’d confuse us, mislead us and even think of us as jokes and laugh at us even – which was really offensive. They would say that the boys will land at NAIA Terminal 1, they’ll land the next morning at 6AM, that day at 6PM, or they wouldn’t be landing there at all. This baffled every one of us there. Patience was seen in each set of eyes there, burning with every flames of hope to see even a glimpse of these five boys. Love outgrew every sweat, tiredness and embarrassment everyone had tried to concealed. The idea of having to breathe the same air as them or knowing that they’re in the same piece of land you’re walking was enough but no one even spared a miniscule detail or even a hint.

The day lasted and there was still no sign of them.

Friday, around 2-3am: The airport’s almost deserted, and you can already count the few people who are going in and out of it. Both me and Ate cha were still eagerly waiting for them (and yes we haven’t sleep a bit, especially Ate Cha) until we found a group of suspicious people. It was a father with his two children: one girl and a boy and they look like they’re somewhere between 16 and 20. They were looking for something or I guess someone and were constantly looking at the arrival place. Our suspicion grew much larger when they were walking left and right at both ends of the airport.

Then their father talked to one of the guards and the guard pointed somewhere and the father called his two kids and they were walking really fast. We were so alert at that time and followed them too. (lol but who knows right) They walked through a private door and asked another guard for directions. We really tried following them but sadly they disappeared. (lmao) We never knew what this family was in to. (maybe not about 1D but hey i saw the girl tweeting on her phone about them!!)

Being soooooo tired made us borderline creepy at that time. Haha! We really were sleepy. 21 hours of waiting for them without sleep and proper meal is really exhausting as hell. So we decided to sleep.

If you’re wondering where we slept; Yes it was on the airport grounds and yes, it was embarrassing as hell.

We woke up to the sound of the airport. (bc it was an airport duh of course there are many ppl) and it was only 6AM I think? So we only slept for two hours max. No shit right.

We waited for hours again.

hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours that all seemed like hours ha

It was around 1PM when Ate Cha and I asked again one of the staff about the boys’ whereabouts. He told us that they will really not land in NAIA or if they really do, they have landed already. We didn’t believe him at first because he was just one of those staffs out there that was trying to wind us all up.


We are really really tired. I was missing my bed so much. We were all worn out. We left the airport at around 2PM because Ate Cha still needs to buy her second show tickets and we were really nervous because it might be sold out already.

We were so disappointed while leaving the airport. All we got from there was pure exhaustion, buckets of sweat, and fading hopes.



This part was when everything went crazy. A total rollercoaster.

We gave up on the airport because we were finally convinced that the boys will be landing here on a chartered plane. And shit was going crazy in the airport and it was already totally packed and more and more hysteria built up.

It was around 4-6PM when rumors started that the band (not the boys but josh,etc..) were already here because one of them tweeted that it was hot here in Manila. People were in panic and freaking out. I was together with Ate Cha this time and we were at the Mall Of Asia because she was buying her second show tickets. We decided to just go straight to their hotel to meet the boys there instead of going back to the airport.

I’ve got this source from someone saying that their hotel was Solaire. We went there and waited and really tried hard to be subtle about the fact that we’re just waiting for the band there and we’ve got no freaking money to check in at this extravagant hotel.

We met some other directioners there too (shoutout to Gianna and her squad!) And they told us that they’ve got some source too that this was where will the boys be checking in.

(Take Note: We haven’t showered or had taken a bath yet. Oops. Maybe we’ve used the hotel’s restroom for some shenanigans…  Just maybe.)

There were so many rumors as to what hotel they’ll be checking in. Solaire, Sofitel, City Of Dreams, Microtel, etc. We checked the grounds of Solaire once again to try to see if there is something suspicious but we found nothing. Solaire was actually really calm and they’re just doing what hotels do.

Ate Pat texted me at around 6PM and asked me about my whereabouts so she could follow. I told her that I was at Solaire and there was still no sign of the boys. Bea, Nicole, and Clyn (ppl I met at the airport) also asked me where I was and I told them. They were the only people I trusted about the boys’ supposed-to-be hotel.

Around 7/8PM there was a picture surfacing the internet of Josh Devine arriving at their hotel. And we could say it wasn’t Solaire. So guess what we did?

We went to 7 freaking different hotels and actually had to look at the insides of the hotels to see if it has anything that matches the picture.

At around 1AM we were really really really really tired and decided to go to Clyn’s and I badly needed a shower.

So we decided to rest there for a bit and by rest I meant stalking online about the boy’s whereabouts, watched a lot of Vines and talked about how freaking real larry is.


At our 8th hotel we decided to go to this hotel at Makati… Raffles. And guess what? It matched the carpet on the picture, its chandelier, the walls and the floor seen where Josh was walking. So we stayed there on its lobby and waited until morning.

Sadly we were kind of kicked out because *coughs* we kinda slept on the couch *coughs*

But since we were so eager to see any of them we just went to the parking lot and slept on Ate Pat’s car. Stealth mode on, bitches.

Oh and yes, it was already the morning of the first concert. Plkjmsnznaoplsmx

Funny thing about this hotel was that they were really checking on us. One time when Pearl and I are checking out the lobby one of the security guards came to us and was like “Are you waiting for On-“ *stops* “Who are you looking for?” and I looked at Pearl and i was like “what are we gonna say” and since Pearl is one hella cool, she said “Oh no we we’re just waiting for my sister” and the guard was like “Doesn’t look like it” and Pearl slammed her by “Why? Is there something suspicious going on at this hotel??”  and the guard got nothing to say but “Nothing ma’am, just come to me if there’s anything you need.”

The mere fact that we were just 30 floors below the boys was awesome.

We’re all bottoms.


At almost noon there was this guard who told us that the boys were indeed at this hotel. I swear this guard took pity on us. So he became kind of our look out and he also told us that the boys will be exiting the hotel any moment from now to go to the venue (MOA Grounds) for soundcheck.

Yes, One Direction wasn’t still there but of course we had no idea. Update accounts REALLY sucked that time. If there’s anyone reliable for source at that time that would be us because hello, we’re basically following the boys.

So we were alert at that time and split our group into two. Me and Pearl were in charge of the lobby so we stayed there and then I got this phone call from Ate Pat telling us to go back to the parking lot.

When we got down we were faced by a lot of tears coming from them.

They were all crying. Nicole, Bea, Clyn..

We asked them why? And they just simply told us that they left and we had no idea. Even they didn’t got to see them.

After hearing that I cried so hard too. I hid my face in the palm of my hands and faced the wall. I remembered everything in the past two days. Waking up to go to the airport, not having to take a shower while going to different hotels, then having to FINALLY get to be on the same hotel as them and having THAT hope that finally finally I could get to see them but having it crushed because I failed.

I was so miserable and balling my eyes out because I was so exhausted and everything and all I got after this was having to be escorted out of the hotel because apparently we were kind of making a scene.

So we decided to make it a day. And me and pearl still have to rush to the concert grounds to get to the first show. Having to risk being first on the line because we were in the hotel was already too much so we rushed to get to the concert grounds.

At least after these two and a half days, I get to have my new five sisters and bestfriends. One Direction united us and maybe we lost the chance to meet them, I know for a fact that someday we will and when that day comes we could all say that everything we did in this little trip of ours was all worth it. 🙂

Love you all Ate Cha, Ate Pat, Nicole, Bea, Clyn, Pearl so much!!!! We.will.meet.them.someday.


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